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Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is developed and published by Moonton in 2016. This game is loved by most of the players who want to play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). This game has been downloaded 100 million times and 4.4 rating on Google Play. This game specific feature that differs from others is that you can play it on your mobile phones, even though it can still be played on PC via Android or IOS. It has similar features like other MOBA games for example League of Legends and DOTA 2. Mobile Legend has been confirmed to be the first of the esports titles to be included in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

Get Free Diamonds Using Mobile Legends Hack

Mobile Legends Battle points and diamonds are in-game premium currency. You can buy heroes and different gear by them. Battle points are given to you when you participate in a number of battles and win them. The diamonds are the most expensive one but we are offering free mobile legends cheats for a few members. You can earn a little amount in various missions. Try to play daily quests as many as you can. You can also buy them with real money or mobile legends hack is only the way to get them easily without any penny.

Mobile Legends Cheats

Game Modes:

There are a variety of modes available to play for gamers. Classic, Brawl, Rank, Brawl, Survival, v.s A1 and Custom.


It is the primary game mode. This one is suitable for beginners. There will be two teams with each containing 5 players. They will fight against each other. Three lanes are present with three towers connecting them to the base. Both of the teamโ€™s players will go to lanes of their own choice. Minions will brood these lanes. Abolish the towers and minions will be promoted. You have to defeat the two enemies i.e. the turtle and lord. If you overpower the turtle, extra exp and coins will be given to you and once you overthrow the lord, it will become your partner.


It is same as classic game mode. But in this one, stars are given instead of points and coins.


It is like classic but in this mode only one lane is present. No turtle and lord. Gamer has to fight four monsters to get extra exp.

V.s A.I:

In this mode players will fight against bots but every other feature is similar to classic one.


In this mode, gamer will control how many bots and players would be in team.


This mode is like battle Royale. There will be 99 players in total but each team will have 3. In this one you have to kill monsters to get points and various items. They will be everywhere. Once you destroy them they will drop different items like healing, defense, physical and magical items. Use them carefully and defeat the other team.

Mobile Legends

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